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Hey Everyone ...

As the community starts to grow, I hope everyone will contribute and continue showing support for Kaji.

I haven't officially announced the community yet, as I'm still fixing the layout and getting the userpage up, but hopefully everything will be up by October.

This is just a test entry, but for now, I want everyone to know that Kaji has updated, a record three times within one week. YES, Kajiponzu has finally updated, not once, but three times this week!

Go read them, they're very amusing, and if you can, please post on his blogs and give him a nice comment showing your support!

He updated on the 17th, the 20th and the 22nd and provided pictures ^^

His entry for September 22nd talks about this clothing store in Japan that he really likes, which sells these really pretty hand-embroidered jackets (he took a picture of these jackets too xD).

Entry on September 20th mentions fellow D-Boys member, Yanagi Kotaroh, picture provided as well ^^

And finally, entry on September 17th is about fellow D-Boys member, Endo Yuya, and how they rarely often catch Endo off guard, but this time, during the D-Boys bus tour, they were able to take a picture of Endo sleeping, which of course Kaji provided ^_______^

Which reminds me, I'll be looking for someone who can translate his entries as soon as he puts them up, to keep us all up to day.


For the users that don't know how to use an LJ-Cut, please read this portion of the entry to learn how to make one:

To make a normal lj-cut that says "Read more", all you need to do is type:

But say you want to let your fellow lj-users know more about the context of what's under your cut, you would type:

Hopefully that helps!
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