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Collection of Kaji's Photosets

Happy Turkey Day, everyone, if you're celebrating it! I just want to say, thanks for the continual support of this community AND Kaji.

I've finally gotten to finish scanning all of Kaji Masaki's photosets from D-Boys, Tenimyu, Cinepuri, and Musical Air Gear that I own. I've got the images all organized by month/musical because I'm anal-retentive like that xD So enjoy and if you use them just credit the community, kajimasaki, but it's not necessary. Also, I am missing some of his more recent photosets, so if anyone has them and would like to share with the comm, let me know and I'll post them in the post with full credit.

Gomen on some of the images (actually, it's probably on most of them), but there are little bits of lint on the images which were picked up from my scanner. I really tried my best in getting rid of them, but they're persistent little buggers. There's gotta be a way to get rid of them.

*Notes: Coming Soon means I have the photosets, but I just haven't had time to scan them and Not Available means I don't have the photosets in my possession, because I haven't bought them, but the photosets have been released and I've uploaded the ones that have been scanned by others (credit given of course)

So enjoy and have a great holiday!

Kaji Masaki - D-Boys Photosets:

Month/Year: Unknown

Month/Year: February 2005

Month/Year: September 2005

Month/Year: October 2005
Not Available

Month/Year: November 2005

Month/Year: December 2005

Month/Year: January 2006

Month/Year: February 2006

Month/Year: March 2006

Month/Year: April 2006

Month/Year: May 2006

Month/Year: D-Live 2006

Month/Year: June 2006

Month/Year: July 2006

Month/Year: August 2006

Month/Year: September 2006

Month/Year: October 2006

Month/Year: November 2006

Month/Year: December 2006

Month/Year: January 2007
Not Available

Month/Year: February 2007
Not Available

Month/Year: March 2007
Not Available

Month/Year: April 2007
Not Available

Month/Year: May 2007

Month/Year: June 2007

Month/Year: July 2007

Month/Year: August 2007
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Month/Year: September 2007
Not Available

Month/Year: October 2007
Not Available

Month/Year: November 2007
Coming Soon

Kaji Masaki - Musical Prince of Tennis Photosets (as Momoshiro Takeshi):

Winter 2004-2005 Side Yamabuki featuring St. Rudolph

Dream Live 2nd
Coming Soon

Imperial Match

Imperial Match in Winter 2005-2006

Dream Live 3rd

Dream Live 3rd Postcard

Kaji Masaki - Prince of Tennis Live-Action Movie Trading Card and Bromide (as Momoshiro Takeshi):

Prince of Tennis Live-Action Movie Trading Card Prince Card 07

Prince of Tennis Live-Action Movie Trading Card Cast Card 08

Prince of Tennis Live-Action Movie Trading Card Best Shot Card 07

Prince of Tennis Live-Action Movie Bromide

Kaji Masaki - Musical Air Gear Photosets (as Onigiri):

Musical Air Gear January 2006
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