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The Kaji Masaki Community at LJ

The Kaji Masaki Community @ LJ
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Fan Community for Japanese Actor and Singer, Kaji Masaki

Hello everyone! Welcome to the LiveJournal fan community for Japanese actor and singer, Kaji Masaki.

x.] It doesn't matter whether you're a member or not, but if you are going to comment, please read the rules on this page carefully. Thank you!
x.] Looking for Kaji's photosets? The community has a post dedicated to most of Kaji's photosets here.
x.] If you would like to purchase items that Kaji's been in, please see the comprehensive merchandise list here.

x.]This fan community was created by vforvera

About Kaji:
Masaki Kaji (加治将樹, romanization: Kaji Masaki) is an actor and singer from Japan. He is also a member of the D-BOYS, a Watanabe Entertainment Group, and has appeared in various numbers of tv dramas. His most notable role has been in The Prince of Tennis musicals as the second generation actor for Seigaku's Momoshiro Takeshi, which he then carried his role as Momoshiro into the live-action film of The Prince of Tennis. In 2006, he's been in the tv dramas, Check It Out Yo! in Tokyo and Regatta. He's also released a CD single, on June 21st, 2006, called "Keep It Goin' On" with ROM-4 for the Check It Out Yo! in Tokyo drama.

Currently from March 21st to April 1st, 2007, Kaji will be in the Out of Order Live Entertainment Show with Endo Yuya and Kumai Kohei. He's also finished filming for the 2007 release films, Arakure KNIGHT and Waruboro. In January, he starred as Onigiri in the Japanese stage production of Musical Air Gear and will reprise his role in May in the musical's rerun. Finally, Kaji will star in the first ever D-Boys musical from June 3rd to June 10th, 2007.

With the D-Boys, Kaji has been featured in the two D-Boys photobooks that have been released so far: The first photobook released on April 27, 2005, was self-titled D-Boys, while the second, released on March 15th, 2006, was called Start. On August 6th, 2005, he's also appeared, with fellow D-Boys member Hiroki Suzuki, on the radio program, Marvelous Radio Vibration that was hosted by fellow D-Boys members Shirota Yuu and Yanagi Kotaroh. Then on January 1st, 2006, Kaji and Hiroki Suzuki, appeared on the broadcast of Secret New Years' Performance Tournament "Young Man Colosseum", where both Kaji and Zukkii were able to display their acrobatic abilities. Both Kaji and Zukkii appeared, again, in the January 1st, 2007 Secret New Years' Performance Tournament "Chinese Lion Dance", but this time accompanied by fellow D-Boys, Endo Yuya, Wada Masato, and Minakawa Yuuma. Kaji's also appeared in the D-Boys drama documentary, DD-Boys.

For a more detailed biography of Kaji, please read his wikipedia page, here, written by vforvera.

R.U.L.E.S. @ KajiMasaki

x.] If you would like to join, please click here.
x.] Please respect each other at all times
x.] NO FLAME WARS! This is a Kaji Masaki fan community, please don't post "I love Yanagi and I hate Kaji" comments, because we don't want an all out D-Boys fan war. Each one of the D-Boys members is special in his own way, and this community is just uniting Kaji fans.
x.] We will delete posts if they are likely to cause flame wars or are inappropriate.
x.] Posting Icons/Banners: If posting icons, the maximum you can post is three, and the rest under an lj-cut (just so we won't clutter the community) and if you are posting banners, please put them all under an lj-cut. Icon posts that don't follow this rule will be deleted.
x.] For media related posts, like sharing mp3s or videos, please do keep those posts friends-locked. But for Icon posts or image posts, they do not need to be friend-locked, although again, for scans or blog photos, it's recommended that the entries be friend-locked.
x.] As much as we appreciate big beautiful scans of Kaji, they do get bothersome if they ruin layouts on the friends pages, so putting them under an lj-cut will be appreciated. And it's especially important that if you're going to post personal images of Kaji that has been posted on his blog or other D-Boys' blogs, to upload those images on your own server like photobucket and to keep those images under an LJ-cut and friend-locked. Read here to learn how to make an LJ-cut.
x.] All entries should be tagged! If you're requesting for something, then tag your entry as "request(s)" and if you're posting news, tag your entry as "news" and so forth. It'll keep the community organized and make finding past entries easier. We'll do our best in adding the entries to the memories section :)
x.] Posting fanart or fanfic is fantastic, but please label the content of what you are posting. This means if it is yaoi [boyxboy], yuri [girlxgirl] or het [boyxgirl]. This is common courtesy to fellow fans. Please also label the rating of what you have drawn/written, as in PG, PG-13, NC-17, etc. We're open to any and every shipping of Kaji, so don't feel afraid to post your work!
x.] If posting spoilers about one of Kaji's tv dramas, please put them under lj-cuts, because there might be other fans who have not seen it and it would be unfortunate for them if the plot is spoiled for them.
x.] You may definitely post requests, just as long as it's anything Kaji ... but remember, if you're requesting for mp3s or videos, it's alright, but if you've liked what you've downloaded then please purchase the items ... we wanna support Kaji and so a healthy alternative would be buying his CD or DVDs from online stores. See this comprehensive merchandise list of the online stores that carry all the items Kaji's appeared in.
x.] Overall, just be nice! And have fun! Post pics, post news, post anything about Kaji or just introduce yourself. And if you are posting pics, please post them under lj-cuts as well, that way it'll save space and all. If you are requesting mp3s or videos, feel free to, but first check the memories or tags to see if anyone's already posted what you're looking for and just keep in mind this is not an mp3 rotation community.

Kaji's Mini Bio

x.] Kaji's Profile:

Name: Masaki Kaji
Japanese Name: 加治将樹
Romanization: Kaji Masaki
Nicknames: Kajiponzu, Kaji-kun or "Karaage" (aka "The Fried Thing")
Date of Birth: January 29, 1988
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Weight: 62 kg
Hobbies: Piano and being active
Special Skills: Sports, Vocal Music, Piano
Siblings: Older brother (Hiroki Kaji)
Languages Spoken: Japanese

x.] Selected Filmography

01. Yankee Boukou ni Kaeru (March 27, 2005; tv drama movie special) - Student
02. Seishun Energy: Check It Out Yo! in Tokyo (April 12th - June 15th, 2006; tv drama) - Amida Shingo
03. DD-BOYS (April 10th - September 25th, 2006; variety show) - Himself
04. The Prince of Tennis (May 13th, 2006; film) - Momoshiro Takeshi
05. The Hit Parade (May 26th, 2006; tv drama) - Member of the Tigers
06. Regatta (July 14th - September 8th, 2006; tv drama) - Toshiyuki Hoshino
07. Arakure KNIGHT (April 2007; film)
08. Waruboro (September 2007; film)

x.] Musicals/Stage

Kaji's starred as Momoshiro Takeshi in the following Prince of Tennis musicals:
01. Musical Prince of Tennis - in Winter 2004-2005 Side Yamabuki feat. St. Rudolph Gakuen
02. Musical Prince of Tennis - Dream Live 2nd: Second Live concert
03. Musical Prince of Tennis - The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen (2005)
04. Musical Prince of Tennis - The Imperial Match Hyoutei Gakuen in Winter 2005-2006
05. Musical Prince of Tennis - Third Dream Live concert

As Onigiri in the following Air Gear musicals:
06. Musical Air Gear (Janurary 2007)
07. Musical Air Gear vs. Bacchus Super Range Remix (May 2007)

Other musicals/stagework:
08. Out of Order Live Entertainment Show (March, 2007)
09. D-Boys Musical (June, 2007)

x.] Discography
Kaji has currently released a CD Single on June 21, 2006, called "Keep It Goin' ON" with fellow members, ROM-4. Besides Kaji, ROM-4 comprises of Masataka Kubota, Ryo Kimura and Gouta Watabe, Kaji's coactors from the tv show called, Seishun Energy: Check It Out, Yo! in Tokyo.

01. Keep It Goin' On (with ROM-4) - Release date: June 21, 2006

contact info

x.] To contact Kaji, the only way possible is through commenting on his blog.

x.] To contact the moderators, please talk to either:

vforvera via email contact - dream24child AT yahoo.com
uranaikko via email contact - gina_aghnia AT yahoo.com

Thank you!


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